5 reasons why the Boruto Anime series is much cooler than Naruto

Who does not know Boruto anime? Make you a fan of Naruto, certainly it would not be complete before witnessing the action of the Ninja breeds in this Konoha village. Well, after the success of manga and anime Naruto, we all don't feel like having to part with the beloved character. That's why Masashi Kishimoto immediately made their successor generation.

Boruto's own Anime has recently released several episodes. Nevertheless, the number of fans is not a responsibility. In fact, its own wide screen version is more bestselling than Naruto version movie. Why, Kok can be so? Can Dong! Because Boruto Emang's anime is more cool, and here are five reasons.
The story is ' happy ' not as grim as Naruto
For you who used to follow the episode of Naruto, you must know how the life of Naruto. Although since childhood Naruto looks cheerful and very naughty, but deep in his heart he is just a lonely boy. She is not even acquainted with her parents. His life is a piece of villagers, as well as avoiding them as a stealth container. The fact that Naruto is of course makes us as a spectator of inner pressure! Duh, really okay!
Well, different from the Boruto story. This child from Naruto has a happier story that most likely has the same audience. Emang Sih, Masashi Kishimoto also had a brief question about Boruto's storyline which was deliberately made more ' fun '. He deliberately made a happy story with the reason to be enjoyed all ages, especially children.

We can see yes, Boruto has two complete parents, he also has a cute little sister, and has many friends. Tuh, right... In terms of storyline has been made more fresh because the character is more fortunate, surely the fans are happier too when enjoying it. Think of Boruto as a medicine, since we've previously been made a baper in Naruto's story.
As the successor generation of Naruto, Boruto is also going to be the ' inheritance ' of its predecessor. The first reason because, there are many people who have been well-known by the fans, so it would be fun to see them build a family and have a funny offspring. Secondly, it was described by Noriyuki Abe as the President director of TV Tokyo, that it has collaborated with Masashi Kishimoto to provide much more sophisticated visual effects than previous anime.

Nori also said the effect given would make the audience amazed when he saw the ninja action that Boruto played. Tuh, right... Not only have a more enjoyable storyline, but the visual appearance is also cooler maximum. So, arguably if Boruto is the anime that perfected his predecessor.

More modern settings

The more modern village of Konoha [image source]
Taking 15 years after the 4th World War of Ninja, the automatic in Konoha village was also a change. And obviously, the settings where the characters in Boruto Live are also much more modern. Starting from the density of villages, tall buildings, and so many cool facilities are explored by the mangaka.
If in the past, Naruto and his friends were in the ramen shop Ichiraku owned by Pak Teuchi, if in Boruto anime you will be taken to burger fast food restaurant which is so his favorite gathering place of Boruto and friends. The atmosphere is more like our world, right? It feels closer Aja Gitu.

More dollar because Boruto has a ' chick ' rival
Remember who rivals Naruto? Yes, Sasuke! Not only compete in academic terms, but also romance. One of the most bummer is when the geaky more crush the same rivals, it feels like a bite of pillows! But in the story of Boruto, Doi actually have a rival chick Sarada which is not the daughter of Sasuke. And it seems, the rival Emang passed huh?

Boruto and Sarada, between love and competition [image source]
Although the chick, but Sarada tetep Uchiha descent that can not be viewed by the eye, and must be a rival who makes the struggle Boruto kudu harder so that it is not to blame a girl. But, interestingly... Despite their never-ending competition, it seems to be growing the seeds of love that will make their story so fresh lemon tea. In spite of the judes and dislikes of Boruto, from the earliest episodes of Sarada several times worried about Boruto. The Boruto Anime will present a sweet scene and make you smile yourself.
Lots of mysteries that make curiosity
Although the succeeding generation of Naruto, but in Boruto anime you will be treated to something very different. You will be treated to a slightly lighter anime. Some fans even understand that Boruto's genre is more inclined to school life and slice of life. In the difference, Boruto's anime has always been a curious audience with the mysteries presented.

Mystery who Mitsuki [image source]
Just say Mitsuki, a mysterious figure that does not know her parents, the origins are not clear. And of course her appearance at Konoha School makes a big question mark on the head, most of all suddenly she is a teammate of Boruto and Sarada. Having pale white skin makes a Mitsuki figure look like Orochimaru. That makes some fans suspect that Mitsuki is a descendant of Orochimaru.
That's five reasons why the Boruto anime is cooler than Naruto. For those of you who have not watched Boruto, it should be nyoba first voyeur several episodes, and prove that the five points above are indeed the reason for the Nerusin watch until Khatam.

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